Monday, March 13, 2017

For Marie. A cliff or two to choose

I haven't posted anything for a long time. Took lots of pictures, but I did not feel to continue with my blog. Friends get pictures sent by email. I don't do Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. Too much drama apparently. I have accounts, but I don't post anything. Because I am 'old-fashioned'. If people don't talk to me in person or on the phone on a regular basis, they are not 'my friends'. And they don't need to know what I am doing. Period.  Makes life so much easier. If I would have a business it would be different. 

It is way more pleasant to read other people's interesting blogs. Like Marie's incredible "66squarefeet+food". Today's post made me laugh and cry at the same time. She is looking for a cliff... she wants to 'lemming'... Good, I thought, I can offer one. Just in case. Maybe other people come with you to Vancouver Island, to jump when things get worse.

Pipers Lagoon, Nanaimo, BC
Here is the cliff I can offer you, Marie.
Clean water, incredible air quality. It does not appear to be very high, but it is. 

The guarding creatures are always there

Neck Point, Nanaimo, BC

I think more posts will come now, haven't been in here for a while. Daisy - my new dog - might be the subject of some posts in the next future.
Daisy - or "KissyFace" - 5 1/2 pound - Chihuahua/CairnTerrier Cross

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  1. This is an excellent cliff! Thank you. Nice water, good view, and it's in BC. It can go to the top of the cliff list.

    Thank you!

    By the way, Instagram is wonderful. No drama unless you go looking for it. Facebook, on the other hand...