Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Amazing Hummingbirds - Winter 2014/2015

Hummingbird with its see-through wings, December 26th, 2014
Hummingbird on December 26th, 2014

Hummingbird on January 7th, 2015, I just filled the feeder with lukewarm nectar -
Mr. Bird appeared instantly after I hung it up, the temperature was pretty cool on this day.

Pictures like these sometimes make me want to cry. From happiness. How lucky am I to watch these tiny little birds day after day. The yellow 'blossom-thingies' are caps of milk bottles. Now you know the true size of the bird. 

For years already I keep the feeder full over winter. I live in a top-floor corner condo/3rd floor with a big cedar tree right besides the balcony, and every year a few of these beautiful creatures build their nests in it. The feeder/s (during the summer 2 or 3) are hanging right above the table. 
The birds allow me to sit there, have my breakfast and watch them hovering above my head. 

Sometimes, when I'm moving too much around, they sit on a branch around a yard away from my face and watch me. 

... and there was Fritz (2001 - 2014) at his 'outdoor office'. 
He ignored the birds and they did the same with him. Perfect.
The roll-up blinds are usually down during the extremely hot and sunny afternoons -
but the birds know how to find their wayto the sweet magic juice.
November 09, 2014
snapshot from a video

A peaceful April evening, around 8 pm

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