Thursday, February 26, 2015

Impressions 01

Exactly one year ago, February 26th, 2014 - 7 am
Beban Dog Park

Fortunately, no snow so far this year

I always carry a camera with me. And sometimes I am walking around if I would be a tourist. Or I drive in my car and something catches my eye, I park the vehicle, grab the camera and go.

Being curious and alert at the same time can give you excellent captures.

For example I love early morning walks. I have experienced the most incredible sun rises at the beach, at 6 am. Not planned, just a spontaneous idea while getting ready for a morning walk with the dog.

sunrise at Pipers Lagoon

Fortunately my favorite beach is just a 15-minute-drive away. 

I don't live in a big city, AND on an island. Who ever lived in a big city may feel a bit lost here. Sometimes. Whatever special wishes and needs you might have, you have to order online. And wait for it, most of the time for weeks.

But, when I look at my archive of pictures, I know that it is worth living here.

Please, be my guest and enjoy the first random selection of 'snapshots'. 
Feedback is always appreciated and welcome.

Pipers Lagoon Beach. Arbutus tree. Dark sand

Buttertubs Marsh - Bird Sanctuary. A 3-minute walk away from my home.
The whole way around is approximately 2,5 km. No dogs and no bicycles allowed.

Buttertubs Marsh - Bird Sanctuary. Just around the corner

Buttertubs Marsh - Sunset
Pipers Lagoon, facing the mainland
Pipers Lagoon, this is 'the REAL lagoon'

View towards the Town of Ladysmith
mixed parking

somebody fed the wood stove
one Blue Jay
3 Blue Jays. Almost too much noise.
Crocuses (croci)
Blue Heron in Bowen Park

Title, anyone? I would say: the end of a new beginning...

Art at the Waterfront Park (let's call it "creepy encounter")

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