Tuesday, February 17, 2015

well... somehow I have to start....

Approximately 3 years ago I created this blog, without posting anything. I have some favorite blogs I kind of follow, they are interestingly all on 'blogspot.ca'. So, I thought, why not make my own blog, here.

Yeah, right! It is much easier peeking into other people's blogs than writing your own.

Not that I have nothing to say, I am just not a very experienced writer, except in my journals.

But writing a blog? erm...

I have to practice. Making an appealing blog is my approach, I have lots to give, to talk about and lots to show.

My blog will be - most likely - a bit confusing at the beginning. But, please, forgive me, I am in the phase of 'trying out'. Practicing for a very important blog in the near future. 

Ok now, let's do 'this blog thing'.

What to begin with?

Ah, I know. The weather this afternoon was INCREDIBLE! I grabbed my camera and had a stroll
down at the waterfront, to the pier and the Boat Basin, where I met an adorable otter, enjoying the sunshine just like me. The only difference: I didn't dare rolling around on the planks. 

Thanks to everybody who visits my blog and gives me some feedback or suggestions.

the otter caught in the act
The otter caught in the act

Who is watching me here?

I know... I'm so cute, ain't I?

You won't take a picture of me?

O.M.G. I'm gonna be on the internet!
O.M.G. ! She did it, I'm gonna be on the internet!

Maybe it's not that bad
Well, maybe it won't be that bad?

Ok? I'm in.
OK! I'm in. Wanna more pics?

Otter, busy
Dzzz, women. Whatever... I'm busy, have to visit the other pier

Nanaimo harbour
Boat Basin, Nanaimo Harbour, BC

"Long Shot II", Vancouver
The "Long Shot II" from Vancouver, BC

breathtaking view from the pier

something for everyone:  trees for the dogs, benches for the people


  1. Thank you, Marie. The pictures of the otter are actually snips from a video. I was walking over the bridge to the pier when I saw the otter and stopped, taking a video. Unfortunately other sun-cravers were walking from and onto the pier. The weather was gorgeous, but I was standing there, holding my camera, trying to stand still.... LOL.... it was impossible. The video is very clear, but VERY bumpy. Now I have to live with some cute, but fuzzy pictures of the adorable otter. I guess have to get over it.